Here you can find the project outputs. The project outputs will be published in 4 different languages: English, Turkish, Italian and Norwegian. 

Output 1- Local needs study

The FETI local needs study aims to provide the structure and foundation for the basic data/baseline for the second transnational meeting. It will also provide the foundation for the consortium’s work to produce and deliver the models and structure for academic and vocational offers and the mapping tool.

IO1 Norwegian

IO1 Italian

IO1: Turkish

Output 2- New model and tools

Output 2 in he FETI project consists of a 4 stage model (The FETI-model) and different mapping tools that are linked to the different stages. The model will support individuals to enter education or the workforce by ensuring that they are aware of their own skills set.

The model is intended to be an easy-to-use relational model for anyone who meets and/or works with vulnerable target groups.

IO2 Norwegian

IO2 Italian

IO2 Turkish

Output 3- Skills development package

Output 3 in the FETI project is a Skills development guide and package that aims to provide a practical guide on how to use and put into action the FETI-model in Output 2.

IO3 Norwegian

IO3 Italian

IO3 Turkish

Output 4- Whole system approach

The FETI Intellectual Output 4 aims to develop a Whole Systems Approach (WSA) which offers a perspective to understand how elements as stakeholders, beneficiaries (immigrants and refugees) and services are related, and how they influence one another within a whole.


IO4 Norwegian

IO4 Italian

IO4 Turkish

Output 5- The best practice guide

The FETI Intellectual Output 5 consists of the projects best practice guide. This output highlights our key findings, and provides us with both a podcast and a digital course for practitioners. You will find both the podcast and the course here on the webpage under the tabs “Podcast” and “Digital course for practitioners”.


IO5 Norwegian

IO5 Italian

IO5 Turkish

Output 6- Supplementary support pack

Due to the current situation in Europe with high numbers of Ukrainian refugees the project partners have decided to add another Intellectual Output. The aim is to share some of our findings from the FETI-project that we hope can be of use to others who are working with these refugees. This output consist of a Supplementary support pack that will be sent out to various organisation across Europe who are dealing with Ukrainian refugees. This brochure will also be translated into several European languages such as Romanian, Polish and Russian. We will also offer three digital workshops in august 2022.


IO6 Norwegian

IO6 Italian

IO6 Turkish