From Exclusion to Inclusion – A model towards social cohesion

Welcome to the website for the FETI-project (From Exclusion to Inclusion – A model towards social cohesion). The FETI Project is an Erasmus+ K2 project to develop and implement a model to help refugees and migrants identify and improve their key competences and through this ease their way into education, training or employment.  

The partner organizations in the project are Oslo voksenopplæring, ENGIM, SWAPWest and Istanbul University. This transnational project brings together a consortium of partners with extensive and complementary expertise in adult guidance, research, training and networking. The Consortium is composed of partners from both private and public bodies in Norway, Italy, Turkey and Scotland, including higher education institutions, Adult Education providers and non-profit organizations. All the organizations work with career counselling of immigrants and refugees in different ways. This project will among other things provide a career counselling model with useful career counselling tools, a skills development package, and a best practice guide.

The project started in September 2019 will be completed in 2022. The project will design, develop and deliver five separate products and concludes with an International Conference in Oslo where our findings will be presented to a multi-national audience. 

If there are any questions or inquiries, you can contact the project management by email.